PitchandPrint – High-end print shop with 3D PDFs

PITCH+PRINT is a premium print shop with high-end products for marketers and agencies. From the very first print run, customers can order, customise and, of course, also personalise effective, impressive sales documents, mailing campaigns, small displays and packaging. One very special advantage is the “virtual templates” which PITCH+PRINT offers its customers free of charge: 3D PDFs which can be rotated to view the designed product from all sides. Perfect for presentations and pitches!

BRAND performance designed this shop, developed the product range, came up with the software concept, tested the software range and integrated suitable modules to create individual programming. We are responsible for all the components of the shop, from the layout of the interfaces to the website architecture and the secure management of printing data to the shop’s actual functions: the shopping cart, ordering system and payment options.

With a newsletter, we offer PITCH+PRINT customers valuable information to make their visit to the site twice as rewarding and provide fast access to new features. These new features – both products and motifs – are also developed at BRAND performance and added to the shop.

An all-round service which also includes hotline support!